Earth Day 2020

How are Sunday Assembly chapters recognizing Earth Day? SA Atlanta recently uploaded their Climate Change themed April 2019 Assembly. Dr. Kim Cobb, climate scientist and professor from Georgia Tech was the speaker for her third time! She discussed how Climate Change applies to so much more than global temperature: our political climate is hostile to solutions, and our social climate is fragmented and disillusioned. Sunday Assemblies are moments to gather together, relish the lives we lead, and get motivated to act!

SA London met this past Sunday and discussed How To Have More Fun By Flying Less with Anna Hughes from Flight Free UK

On May 3rd, 8:25AM PST, SA Nashville will be holding a Climate Change themed Assembly.

And this past January Tim Oey spoke to SA Silicon Valley about his cross-country bike ride to talk to people about reducing our waste (

How can you help celebrate Earth Day?

Here are some suggestions:

Reduce your food footprint - Make plant-based meals more often

Reduce your electricity footprint

Spend less time streaming and more time reading physical books

Switch your utility to renewable power. PG&E offers a 100% solar option

Reduce your plastic waste - Bring your own containers to Whole Foods. If you know of other stores that let you do that, let us know in the comments.

Get involved - Become an Earth Day Network volunteer

Self-care during quarantine - Find low impact ways to take care of yourself and your relationships

Educate your kids

Make an Earth Day poster

Join TED-Ed’s Earth School, starting today - 30 Quests for students to celebrate, explore and connect with nature

Talk about it - Be proud of your green habits and share your enthusiasm with others

Donate to plant trees

And get more ideas here!