Sunday Assembly California! - Live Long and Prosper

For our May online event, we’re teaming up with other California Sunday Assemblies!

Star Trek, one of the world’s most successful and beloved television series is uniquely concerned with ethics. Many of its episodes directly address questions of right and wrong, exploring ethical questions in a science fiction setting. In this presentation, philosopher and Ethical Society Outreach Director James Croft, Ed.D., explores how the show inspires us to live better, help often, and wonder more as we “live long and prosper."

You're invited to join us before Assembly for mingling in breakout rooms and again after Assembly.
10:30 AM - Pre-Assembly mingling
11:00 AM - Sunday Assembly
12:15 PM - Post-Assembly mingling

With A Little Help From My Friends performed by members of multiple California Assemblies
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life led by Paul Svenson of SA San Diego

Reading: Gareth Dee from SA Brighton, UK

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Sunday is also Mother's Day! We typically serve mimosas in person, so feel free to sip a mimosa at home while enjoying Assembly!
Recipe: Combine equal parts cold fruit juice and sparkling white wine. Or make a faux-mosa using sparkling water instead!