August 2022: Do What You Love

Join us for Assembly! Our speaker is member Alex Rudnick, a father, software engineer, researcher and educator who wants us to tell him about the hobbies that we love, and he will tell us about one of the hobbies that he loves.

During his doctoral work some years ago, Alex reconnected with his love of video games about fighting, and got involved with the fighting game community, which spans from tiny local groups to online meetups to big international competitions. Why do people spend their time playing video games about fantasy martial arts, and what does it mean to take them seriously? Alex will talk about the games and the communities around them and how one way to live better is to go deep into a thing that you love, and to share that love with other people.

We'll be singing
  1. ♬ Dreams - Fleetwood Mac ♬
  2. ♬ Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams ♬
  3. ♬ Wonderwall - Oasis ♬
  4. ♬ Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen ♬

Elizabeth is hosting this month. We’ll also have a Creative Space, Moment of Reflection, hear how a member is doing their best, and hear member life updates

At 12, we will have a potluck lunch outside. Please write your name next to the category of food that you'll bring here.

When? Sunday, 14th August. We will have coffee and tea at 10:30 am, celebration at 11:00 am, potluck with ice cream at noon.

Where? Masonic Lodge No 194, 890 Church St., Mountain View. We shall also be online: the link is available to those who RSVP on Meetup.

How much? There is no charge to attend. There is free childcare and free onsite and street parking. Donations and help with setup/cleanup are gratefully accepted.

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