Evolve - Sept 11th assembly

From a brand-new Noah's Ark theme park in Kentucky, to state legislatures and public school classrooms, evolution is under attack across the country. Yet the science of evolution is stronger than ever, central to science education, guiding innovations in medicine and throughout the economy, and offers ever-clearer answers to central questions about who we are as a society and a species. What can we do to move society past the 90-year-old battle between evolution and creationism and learn to celebrate this grand idea?

Sing awesome pop songs with our live band, hear inspiring stories from members of our Assembly, and enjoy freshly roasted coffee.

Kids are welcome - Two babysitters provide supervised activities for the kids.

Awesome Music - Our live band will be leading us in some great pop songs and power ballads.

Stay after assembly for chat and tasty snacks. Bring a bag lunch or share in the potluck. If the sun is shining, eat in the park right outside our door.

Sunday, Sept 11 11:00am (Doors open at 10:30)

890 Church Street, Mountain View

Since joining NCSE in 2007 as Programs and Policy Director, Josh has defended honest and accurate science education. His expertise ranges from biological diversity and biogeography, to legal and constitutional barriers to creationism in public schools. Rosenau has written for dozens of publications, including Scientific American & The Washington Post.