July 2024: Picnic at Cuesta Park

picnic table on grass
The dog ate my text. Then the dog died.
  • Where? Cuesta Park in Mountain View. Enter at the intersection of Nilda Ave and Cuesta Drive.
  • When? The 14th of July. You can start drifting in about 10:00 and will probably have to drift out by 20:00. Yes, I booked for the whole day. It's cheap.
  • What? No alcohol, sorry. There are two small barbecue grills for you charcoal wizards to play with; the rest of us are encouraged to bring, well, almost anything edible. It's rumoured that someone is doing a "stone soup" version of a salad.
  • Kids? Sure! There is a playground not very far from -- but out of line-of-sight from -- the picnic tables.