Music Matters - November 8

Freya Seeburger
Our guest this month is cellist Freya Seeburger. Since moving to California in 2010, cellist Freya Seeburger has been an active performer in both classical ensembles and rock bands. She has recorded and performed with independent rock, hip hop, and classical groups including Van Dyke Parks, the Awesöme Orchestra Collective, Grammy nominated artist Tanya Donelly, and The Coup (as a member of Classical Revolution).

As a solo cellist and the artistic director of the music and music and event production company Juxtapositions, Freya's penchant for performing music in unconventional spaces, and her devotion to collaborating with artists across mediums has led her to create unique performances and events that incorporate elements of classical music, improvisation, popular culture and visual art. Freya is also a recently appointed member of the SJ Arts Commission.

You can experience some of her amazing music, and read more about Freya here: Join us to hear from Freya abut Why Music Matters, and in making some music of our own!