Sunday Assembly - January 10

Join us January 10 to celebrate life together. As ever, we've got foot-stomping pop songs played by a live band, great speakers, and a delicious potluck lunch. Childcare is provided.

Our guest is TED Talk veteran Robert Wright, the best-selling author of "Nonzero," "The Moral Animal" and "The Evolution of God."

Wright will speak on"The Meaning of Evil: A Modern Secular Interpretation of an Ancient Religious Idea. ISIS, Hitler, and Hannibal Lecter have all been called “evil.” But can we in a modern scientific age take that word seriously, given the traditional identification of evil as a “force” or a kind of “spirit”? Author Robert Wright offers a new conception of evil and suggests ways to counter evil."

Potluck: This group can really cook! Bring a dish to share if you can and stay for lunch after assembly. We will have board games to play, too. Share your favorites.

Kids' Corner - Childcare and activity provided.

Music - Our band will be rocking as we sing fun pop songs all about good and evil.