Sunday Assembly June (online) - Inspired

Let's get inspired! Please join us online on Sunday, June 14th. We’ll have an enlightening guest speaker, fun singalongs with our band, a reading by Lisa, Doing Your Best by Ben, and a Moment of Reflection.

Our guest speaker, Ruby Ming, a visual arts educator for over twenty years, aims to ignite curiosity and spark joy through engagement with arts and culture. Her talk will be “Jump Start Your Creativity.” How do creative people develop their ideas and a personal point of view? Explore characteristic traits of artists and makers to tap into your own creativity and benefit your everyday life.

We'll have breakout-room mingling from 10:30 am until the celebration starts at 11:00 am, followed by more mingling at noon for those who want more social time.

Sunday Assembly is free. Donations are gratefully accepted. SASV is an inclusive secular community made up of agnostics, atheists, humanists, and believers. Whatever you believe, you are welcome to celebrate life with us!

RSVP and, when it's set up, we'll send you the link to our online event.