Got a question? Check out our FAQs

Where do you meet?

We meet at 890 Church Street in Mountain View in a funky old building called the Masonic Lodge. There's tea, coffee, and donuts for socializing, and four fun pop songs to sing together.

What does it cost?

Sunday Assembly is free of charge, and donations are gratefully accepted. We provide childcare, coffee, and donuts.

Can I bring the kids?

We provide childcare and some crafts and games for a variety of ages.

How long is an assembly?

The celebration lasts one hour. Join us to find your seat at 11 am, and get ready for great talks, live music and new people.

Is this a religious event?

Absolutely not! Sunday Assembly is not religious. We have sometimes been described as the best bits of church without the god bits. Everyone is welcome, and nobody is ever criticized for what they do or don't believe in.

Um... I think I get it now. So it is a congregation?

Try this. Think of the way mindfulness is meditation – with science and without supernatural. Sunday Assembly is a congregation - without supernatural but with science and pop songs!

Do you have any guiding principles?

Yep. Live better. Help often. Wonder more.

What happens after assembly?

You feel amazing! Stick around afterward for coffee, potluck, and conversation. Check our our social events and community service projects.