Past Speakers

Danny Harris, Knight Foundation - Building Community
Seth Shostak, SETI - Is There Anybody Out There?
Kimberly Dark, Storyteller - Unity and LGBTQ Stories
Andra Kaey - Out of the Labs and Into Our Lives
Gretchen Hellman, Career Coach - Mothers and Unconditional Love
Josh Rosenau, National Center for Science Education - Evolution
Ruby Ming, Asian Art Museum - Your Brain on Art
Daniel McCoy, Pixar - The Stories We Tell
Cellista Freya Seeburger, Musician - Music and Paying the Artist
Jim Gardener, Good Karma Bikes - Helping the Homeless
Tyler Pew, KidMob - Super Cyborgs
Elizabeth Drescher, Santa Clara University - Spirituality for the Nones
Dr Lynn Rothschild - Darwin Day
Author Robert Wright - Evil
Dr. James Doty - Compassion
Cellista Freya Seeburger - Music
Daniel McCoy - Pixar
Jerry DeWitt - Building a Meaningful Secular Community
David Diskin - Camp Quest
Prof. Sheldon Helms - Critical Thinking
Ian Harris & Sanderson Jones (by robot) - Birthday
Kevin McCormack - Stem Cells
Prof. Carol Mukhopadhyay - Valentine Origins
Ruth Kaiser - Spontaneous Smiley Project
Jeremy Adam Smith - Improve Life by Discussing Death
Andra Kaey - Women and Robots
Tucker Hiatt - Gratitude for the Laws of Physics and Nature
Prof. Ken Wharton - Time Travel
David Wittkowski - The Internet of Things
Dr. Devin Prouty - Sleep
Minh Ngo - My Red Shoes
Dr. Marilyn Colon - Embracing Mistakes
Lester Deanes, SCU - Celebrating Men and Boys
Mahnani Clay - Project Cheer and Black Lives Matter
Sejal Patel - Social Justice
Nils Petersen - Santa Clara County Poet Laureate
Steve Kurtagh - Volunteering
Brad Hoge, NCSE - Discussing Tough Topics With Tact
Lisa Blanchard, Grateful Garment Project - Dignity
James Kopp, Pear Theatre - Improv Your Life
Craig L Anderson - The Nature of Awe
Astrobiologist Dr Lynn Rothschild - Life On Mars
Sanderson Jones - Sunday Assembly
Sheldon Helms - Your Brain as a Role Model
Marcela Davison Aviles - Remembrance
Greta Christina - Flirting With Death
Michael Fredrickon, Pixar - Awe
Susannah Zaraysky - Seeing in 2D
Michelle Tran - Queerness and Healing
Esperanza Phoenix - Inclusion
Migthy Mike McGee - Slam Poetry
Justin Imamura, Trash Punx - Motivation
Bex and Gil, Kicking the States - Exploration
Lisa Blanchard, Grateful Garment Project - Dignity

Speaker Guidelines

Our speakers infuse assemblies with learning and wonder. If you're interested in giving a talk, check out these guidelines, and email us.

  • Is 15 minutes on a topic in which you're an expert
  • Is the spot in the program where we “wonder more”
  • Teaches the assembly something factual and new in an engaging way
  • Is practical, scientific, historical, or otherwise informative
  • Should be positive or neutral and family-friendly
  • Cannot promote a product, business or political candidate
  • Should not be explicitly about atheism
  • Visual aids, like a slide show, are encouraged (submit at least 5 days before assembly)
  • Please be prepared to submit an outline, transcript or video before acceptance

The TED talk guidelines are an excellent reference for this - http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedx_speaker_guide.pdf

Please also use the TED talk guidelines on maintaining scientific credibility when building a talk for Sunday Assembly SV.