Volunteer with Sunday Assembly!

Being a volunteer is a key part of enjoying the benefits of the Sunday Assembly community. If you'd like to get involved, there are at least three ways to do so:
  • Volunteering with a group of your fellow Sunday Assembly members for community service projects -- such as organizations that help the homeless, clean up the local environment, plant trees and pick donated fruit from homeowners' yard trees to provide it to Second Harvest. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator here.
  • Attend and help organize our SMOUPs (small groups). Contact SMOUP Volunteer Coordinator Here.
  • Help us produce Sunday Assembly services. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Lincoln Bourne via e-mail.

SUNDAY ASSEMBLY VOLUNTEERS: Hand out programs, set up chairs, make coffee, greet people and give them a name tag, play the banjo, sing a song, help with the children’s craft table, make slides, work on the website, distribute postcards and flyers, talk about SASV at your local farmers market – -- there are so many ways you can help this community to grow and thrive!

Every Sunday service features a short reading -- so we're looking for readers and poets! If you want to read, but don’t have a piece in mind, email us and we can suggest something for you to choose from. The key features of a reading are:

  • 4 minutes maximum
  • Poetry, prose, reading or other work
  • Positive and family-friendly

Want to read or perform in the Assembly? Please email Gillian with your interest and tell us a bit about you.

Like any community, we are only as strong as our members. This is a chance not just to participate in our new Sunday Assembly community, but to build it as well. The best part is… it’ll be fun!

SMOUPs (SMALL GROUPS): Since here at Sunday Assembly we like to spend quality time with each other, we have all kinds of small groups you can attend for social outings: beer tasting, dining out, reading books, playing trivia, "reading between the wines" and more. If you'd like to join one of these, see http://www.meetup.com/Sunday-Assembly-Silicon-Valley/. If you'd like to lead and/or create a SMOUP yourself, contact SMOUP Coordinator Here.