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Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley is an inclusive secular congregation that celebrates life. We don’t advocate for any religious or spiritual beliefs, but we do welcome all who welcome all - humanists, agnostics, atheists, and believers.

We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month to hear fascinating talks, sing pop songs, share stories, and connect with each other. Throughout the month, we connect in small groups. You can find our upcoming events on Meetup.

Our motto: Live Better. Help Often. Wonder More.

Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley is part of a global movement for wonder and good. Find out how we celebrate life!

July 2024: Picnic at Cuesta Park

picnic table on grass
The dog ate my text. Then the dog died.
  • Where? Cuesta Park in Mountain View. Enter at the intersection of Nilda Ave and Cuesta Drive.
  • When? The 14th of July. You can start drifting in about 10:00 and will probably have to drift out by 20:00. Yes, I booked for the whole day. It's cheap.
  • What? No alcohol, sorry. There are two small barbecue grills for you charcoal wizards to play with; the rest of us are encouraged to bring, well, almost anything edible. It's rumoured that someone is doing a "stone soup" version of a salad.