Thank you for celebrating the solstice with us!

What a wonderful night we had on Sunday!

Huge thank you to Robert and his excellent hat for providing sound, to Alex for finding the cable that saved our bacon, to Holly, Carmen, and Sarena for lugging ice, to Brad and Jenny for defeating the hummus pots, to Richard for chair wrestling, to Rich and Levi Jack for rocking the house, to Doppio Zero for the delicious food, to Lincoln for taking tickets, to Elizabeth for being so gentle with the children in the chilly kids corner, to Lynda and Patty for pouring drinks and hauling chairs, to Steve and Max for adding their lovely voices to the show, to Jon for directing and lugging his lights to the hall, and to the phenomenal Carol for acting, planning, decorating, and driving this wonderful celebration!

We will be back on January 14 with an assembly all about the brain and firing up the neurons for the new year. Until then, have a healthy and happy holiday–living, helping, and wondering your jingle bells off!

Love, the whole SASV team